31 mai 2007

About me...

I was born in Craiova, a grey town from those times. I grow and study there to become later a full member of "labor people".

I found my half soul, get married and moved to Bucharest and in 2004 we become a real family together with our son David-Andrei.

Since my childhood I tried to lay down on paper words that i was afraid to say in front of the others.

My awkwardness in writing as well as the small bunch of words that I knew then made me at in some moments to stop. But my father, with his wisdom, in the last of these moments gave me from one of his closed drawers my old poems that he liked. He encouraged me saying that the inspiration may exist, but the exercise of writing must exist.

And so because he felt that I may improve, he continued to encourage me to fight with myself to believe that maybe someday - maybe - I will write better then at the start, that was already forgotten before it really existed. I start to believe in me a little more but not much. It was enough to make me to continue without quitting again.

I collected all that I saw that my father liked and after I found in the virtual the communities where more or less anonymous poets are posting their writings, I start to join them looking for answers regarding the quality of my writing.

The whole collection of writings at a moment I grab under my website
www.theseea.home.ro At a moment of time I stopped because the format was heavy to be maintain.

Since the new trend of blogging appeared I have decided to keep the old page frozen and here to rebuild it here in "Rusty Corners".

I do not want to miss this rows without to mention the moral support gave by good friend Eduard Roth (Rudy as we call him) that in the middle of the night with a warm unconfounded voice was reading poems of cotemporany authors and I was one of them. Thank You Rudy.

And since then life is continuing with sensations, thoughts, feelings, dreams....

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