12 august 2007

Artists of Rusty Corners - Irina Luiza Popa

Irina Luiza Popa

Her first appearance on a stage was at 5 years old as a member of The Strumph Group from The Childrens´ Club. At 14 years old she won a competition at the Musical Theatre Nae Leonard, from Galati, a competition seeking for young talents.

  • Vaslui 2003 - The Unknown Constelation- she won the first prize.
  • Braila 2003 - Lotca de Aur - she won The Prize of the Youth
  • Braila 2003 - Mini-mega-star - she won the trophy. That night she meets Cornel Cristei (former component of Rosu si Negru, a very known group in romania of 1970) and he asks her for a collaboration.

In 2004 she meets Adrian Ordean, she signs a contract with him and then she participates at the festival of Amara where she wins the trophy. The composer Horia Moculescu says that the Irina phenomenon is born. She begins to be broadcasted at almost all radio and tv stations.

In 2006 she releases the compilation Songs For The Christmas Tree and she shoots a video clip for Silent Night. She starts collaborating with the composer and singer Adrian Jula from Galati and she´s also broadcasted a lot at Galati local television station.

In june 2006 she sings in a concert in Galati together with Anastasia Lazariuc, Ilie Micolov, Benone Sinulescu (romanian singers with a great experience which recommends them).

She sang in several tv shows as well as in private parties where she interpreted songs from the international repertory.

Irina is very calm in her every day life and a wild person on the stage. She changes completely when she starts singing.

Irina´s words:

I am happy to have been given the opportunity to write my thoughts here… thoughts about my life, about what music means to me and about what i am trying to create. God has given me the gift to sing and as the african americans say “you have a gift given by Lord, you sing, not joke!”. By the way, I love their music, the way they express themselves and how they tanspose their inner feelings intro music.

When i started “walking” on this road, my family didn´t know what i was able to do. And as they were artists too, I could have been protected by their relations and friends… but I decided to start on my own. I didn´t even know what a negative means…it was just me, my voice and the faith in God. I went at a cempetition at the local Musical Theatre. My friends joined me, they even had some food with them and they all came to support me. I won that preselection and when I came home, I told my mother and as she didn´t trust that much my words, she told my uncle, an artist too, composer, Mircea Circiumaru, and they wanted me to sing for them… they couldn´t believe I was that talented. I couldn¨t sing in front of my family, I just couldn´t… but one day I decided to show them what I could do. And I sang them a Mariah Carey song, we were in a big empty storehouse. When I finished, they were crying, they were so excited, I was too. That moment was like a theatre curtain opening… the begining of my way in music.

I decided then to conquer the world… I was conscient I was able to do that. I always knew it is a hard road, but, in fact, life is a long chain of attempts, work and small pieces of gratitude. I started after a period of practice, with songs written by my uncle, I decided showing at festivals to gain experience and to be heard by someone. My mother was always at my side, she represented my support and my biggest critic. My first festival was The unknown Constelation, i won the first prize there. I still remember that road through Vaslui, with the trophy in my hand, my mother´s tears …
I started singing in festivals with one of my songs, Don´t let us be appart. I won the trophy at TheMini-mega-star festival, in Braila and there I was noticed by mr Cristei, a very talented pianist, former component of Rosu si Negru. He started being my manager.

I decided to participate at Mamaia festival but, before that I was in a tv competition and I realised that I wasn´t who I thought I was. Being a part of that competition wasn´t in vane for me, I got the chance to meet mr Adrian Ordean. That day was very interesting for me, I saw so many things… and mr Ordean gave us the advice to not participate at Mamaia festival. He talked us about a bigger, yet less known festival, the one from Amara. Ii accepted that challenge and I noticed that, indeed, it was a greater competition there. I remember being very distant and concentrated, I was nervous and the jury was so severe. I left with the trophy and with a pretty interesting experience in which i have fulfilled my vocation and my winning strategy.

After that it was the festival from Sulina, with an even greater competition, and again… I have fulfilled my vocation… hihihi… it was hard but in the same time it was so beautiful seeing me coming off victorious.

I was happy but tired, with the satisfaction at high level… but I knew all the time I can do a lot more, that I am able of more things in music and I had to show the people that have trusted me so much that they didn´t doit it in vane.

I started collaborating with mr Ordean and learning what is all about the music industry, I started appearing in tv shows and I tried revealing my talent. I was there, in the centre of the attention. The begining is always hard but you try learning as much as you can on your way.

What happens in television is very different, it´s not like being in a festival, it´s like a a total, you have to know how to express yourself, and to make yourself liked by everybody.

I am the kind of person that sacrifices for music, for the talent to be heard. Being alone in Bucharest many times, I learned to manage on my own, without my mother besides me, just you and tomorrow, a day you try to make better the things in the music environment and to spread over many beautiful things.

I had to take a long pause, almost a year… I prepared myself for the high school final exam. I knew very well that I couldn´t be at my best level being involved in music and my exams too. It was very hard to me to do that, it meant another stop from my dream. I have many dear people who supported me and gave me the power to get over this big exam for me. It was also an exam with myself and my will to succeed. Right now I am preparing myself for University and for another stept in my life. It also means my coming back to music.

All the best thoughts to all of you… and something important: Live your dreams and fight for them!


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