1 iunie 2007

skirmishes of a sinner

With the darkness of the night
I disguise myself.
With beautiful thoughts
I start to fly
To higher the heavens
Asking for help.
I feel how
The time sand
Want into a whirl
To hide me.
But the wicked time
From my sinner soul
My love to God
To steal and then,
To change it
With delusions
And feign promises
To abjure Him
To blaspheme Him
To hate Him.
That the absolute divine judgment
In the house of death
To send me.
'Cause is no greater humiliation
Then, when...
The God of your soul
Is forgetting you
Put out of
His mind that...
Time ago
He was
Also a feeble body
Like me.
And I try to have
At least a ray of light
To banish inside of me
The darkness of the human soul.

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